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Patches - Ann's darling dolly

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From the time that she was a puppy and throughout her life, our darling little border collie cowgirl, Patches, was a gentle soul who could melt the hearts of everyone she met by just using her soft, expressive eyes and entertaining mannerisms. She was a ray of sunshine, as she shared her love for everything and everyone, spreading joy wherever she went.

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E-Sup - Introducing Ann's  beautiful boy

E-sup pup crop_Slideshow.jpg

E-Sup stood out among his littermates, because he was large, but also because he stepped forward in his gregarious manner and introduced himself. That was the first time that I saw his huge smile. It was then that this amazing wolf hybrid stole my heart.

E-Sup (24).jpg

Daza - Introducing Ann's beautiful girl

daza-0013 cropped_Slideshow.jpg

Daza was quiet, almost mysterious, giving her affection in a reserved way. She always seemed to be so wise and all knowing. Then she could be my playful little trickster. That is why I called this little 100% wolf my Welfin Girl.

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