About the Books

Meet Patches, who was a cattle ranch working border collie with a beautiful spirit and a huge heart. She left her mark on all who met her and she will do the same for you. You will fall in love with her as you read Cowgirl: The Life and Times of a Special Border Collie. When Patches introduced herself to people, the first thing they saw was a beautiful black and white border collie with long, silky hair, but she possessed much more than beauty. It was her sweet, magically loving spirit that really took control of people, drawing them into her rainbow like a magnet. Look into her life as she works as a ranch dog, enjoying her job, her family and the world around her.

In the near future, you will be able to meet Ann's beloved E-Sup, a wolf hybrid, and Daza, who was 100% wolf in their new book. Ann was able to share a loving and deeply spiritual relationship with these two beloved canines.