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About the Author

Writing has always been both a very relaxing and fulfilling way for Ann Blackburn to express herself. It existed primarily in the journals that she kept over the years and in the form of poetry. Her inspiration usually came from her time spent exploring the high desert country that she had grown to love and from the animal companions that she surrounded herself with. When she left her career in Laboratory Medicine behind to pursue a new way of life, she found more time for writing and decided that writing a book would be her next challenge. She felt the need to honor a remarkable companion, Patches, who was a wonderful, ranch, working border collie. This lead to her emotional journey with the writing of Cowgirl: The Life and Times of a Special Border Collie.

Ann wanted to honor her beloved wolf hybrid, E-Sup, and his mate, Daza, so she embarked on another emotional journey with the writing of The Dance: Light, Love & Life With Two Wolves. She shared a deeply spiritual and loving relationship with them. Their joy and connection to the natural world are their gifts that remain with her.

Ann hopes that not only can she honor her beloved canine’s memories with her writing, but she also hopes that she can use her writing as an avenue to encourage people to care for all animals. Perhaps this love and caring for our animals at home will extend to the many wonderful creatures out there who share our planet but are not meant to live with us. They do deserve our respect for them and for their environment.

Nevada Author Ann Blackburn with E-Sup wolf-hybrid dog book
Author Ann Blackburn Patches Border Collie book Nevada
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