Come into Ann Blackburn’s Bookshelf

Explore the life that the author shared with her beloved canines in The Light and Loves of My Life where you will meet E-Sup, who was a wolf hybrid and Daza, who was 100% wolf. It’s true that life with them could be unusual, but through their intelligence and sensitivity, she was able to enjoy a very loving, spiritual relationship with them that left her with the desire to honor them with this book.

In contrast, the author wrote her second book, Cowgirl: The Life & Times of a Special Border Collie, in which you will meet a darling working border collie, Patches, who seemed to have a rainbow following her around as she made her world light up with her bright spirit. All three of these canines brought challenges into the author’s life, especially E-Sup and Daza, but they all provided the love and devotion that make canines special in our lives.

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